With limited storage space at SAM25, please call us

to discuss needs and make drop off arrangements at 715-851-7252


Check Out Our AMAZON Wish List As Well!! Items get sent directly to the shelter!

**Items in Red are Urgent Needs**

​Urgent Needs: 
$10 Gas Cards
City Cab and Menominee Transit Vouchers

Twin Bed Sheets
Large Warm Blankets
Men's Clothing (All Sizes)

Food & Beverage Needs: 
Loaves of Bread
Sliced Cheese

Fresh Fruit/Veggies
Bottled Water
Granola Bars
Small bags of chips
Pudding cups
Fruit cups

Office Supplies:
Copy paper
Masking Tape

Envelopes Size 9 or 10
Large Envelopes (10x13; 9x12 or 6x9)
Laminator Sheets
Postage Stamps

Gift Cards:
Gift cards from local supermarkets/stores 
Gift cards from local restaurants 
(gift cards for guests especially helpful during COVID-19)

Gas Cards from local gas stations ($10 increments)
Cab fare vouchers from Kap Taxi or City Cab
Menominee Transit Bus Passes (can be ordered through Menominee Transit)

Coats, Men and Children
Boots, all sizes
Women's Bras/Sports Bras (all sizes)
Girls and Boys Shoes
Women's Shoes
Women's Underwear - All sizes
Men's Underwear Size Med and 2X
Men's Shirt Size Medium and Large
Boys Shorts size 6-14
Men's Jeans Size 42

Women's ankle socks (all sizes)
Men's Jeans Sizes 30-34 Waist
Women's Thermals/Long Underwear
Children's Warm "Thinsulate" style Gloves
Men's Underwear size Sm, Med, Lg
Boys Underwear size 6, 8
Women's Underwear 5, 6, 7 

Cleaning Supplies:
Lysol/Pine Sol Floor Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Sanitary Wipes
All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Alcohol (90%)
Surgical Gloves (size Sm, Med and Large)

Dishwasher Pods
Hygiene Products:
Women's Deodorant
Diapers (All Sizes)