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Community Health Clinic

The SAM25 free Community Health Clinic (CHC) provides free basic healthcare to those in our community who do not have health insurance and are living near the Federal Poverty Level. Help is also provided to obtain affordable Healthcare Insurance

Medical Clinic is open every Thursday
from 4 to 8 p.m. 
Eye exams are available on the
3rd Monday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m.


At the SAM25 Community Health Clinic our team of volunteer and staff healthcare professionals provide primary care to persons of all age groups in the Shawano area who are uninsured and living near the poverty level.  The clinic will have the potential to serve the approximately 9% of residents in the Shawano and surrounding area that are uninsured (approximately 1000 patients), according to the January 22, 2020 Shawano Menominee Healthy Communities Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP) 


Our team of volunteers and staff at the SAM25 Community Health Clinic offer their time, care, and service because they believe everyone has a right to basic health care. Together we can eliminate the obstacles to attaining healthcare in our area.

Clinic Services

Services Available

  • Medical exams for acute & chronic illnesses for adults & children

  • Limited Diagnostic Labs

  • Follow-up Care, as needed

  • Referrals to Specialist, if needed and available

  • Health Education

  • Referral Services to Community Resources, when appropriate

  • Telehealth Services, as available

  • Tele-Behavioral Health Services, as available

  • Ultrasound, limited point-of-care, as available

  • Physical Therapy Services, as available

  • Use of in-house prescription drug formulary, when available and appropriate

  • Assistance with Prescription Assistance Programs for prescriptions ordered by clinic physicians, as available

  • Benefits Specialist Services, as available onsite or online


Services Not Available

  • Prescriptions, new or refill, for Controlled Substances 

  • Prenatal and Obstetrical Services

  • Pregnancy and abortion counseling

  • Emergency care, such as heart attacks

  • Surgery

  • Payment of prescriptions ordered by physicians outside of the SAM25 CHC

  • Insurance, Workmen's Compensation and Disability paperwork

  • Sports or Work Physicals

For Appointments or to Volunteer

Clinic Location: 105 E. Richmond Street, Shawano (Clinic door on East side of building)

Clinic Hours: Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m.

For Appointments: Call 715-916-3036 or 715-853-7252 Ext 4

To Volunteer: Call the above number, or

                         Visit SAM25 website and click on the Volunteer tab, or


Our Clinic

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Member of the Wisconsin Association of Free Charitable Clinics


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