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"Volunteering at the shelter just 2 mornings a week has opened my eyes to a whole other world. I can only feel blessed and grateful that I am helping to make the world a little better."


Our volunteers are instrumental to SAM25 in carrying out its mission and in helping individuals undergoing homelessness ally with the services and resources in our community. 


There are many ways volunteers help.  Volunteers are instrumental in preparing and serving meals, being on the board or other committees, assisting with fundraising events, and helping organize projects.


SAM25 volunteers serve as advocates.  Even when not logging volunteer hours for SAM25, they continue to support the mission by sharing in the community about the volunteer work they do and about the strides SAM25 is making to stop homelessness in the community.


Here is a list of our current volunteer needs at SAM25


Meal Hosts - volunteers come, visit with guests, and provide the evening meal.


SAM's House Volunteers - volunteer at SAM's house for the morning, overnight, or intake shift, helping our guests have a safe place to sleep. All SAM's House Volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Application and have a background check before working on a shelter shift. Please visit the Volunteer Page to find the Volunteer Application. 


Community Medical/Dental Volunteers – work with others to meet our goal of providing access to medical care they can afford.  


Community Resource Access – work on the Steps to Success Program and work with service providers in our community for those affected by poverty.


Marketing and Development - work on SAM25 awareness and build relationships with businesses in the community.

SAM25 Thrift store - help with operation of thrift store and sorting donations.




Fundraising Volunteer – fundraising events are fun and we need your help!  Whether you like to plan or participate we have ways for you to assist SAM25 with events and drives throughout the year (i.e., Farmers Market, Awareness Concerts, Booths).

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