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Shawano Area Matthew 25  ". . . whatever you do for the least of these . . ." Matthew 25:40

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SAM25 Board of Directors

Muffy Culhane, President

Harlan Pygman, Vice President
Danica J. Zawieja, Secretary
Joe Guenther, Director

Randy Mallmann, Director

Heather Pahl, Director

Jeri Wilber, Director

Jeanne Cronce, Director
Linda Beversdorf*, CPA, Treasurer

*not a voting board member




SAM25 Staff

Jennifer Laude Bisterfeldt, Executive Director
Elise Dudley, Morning Shelter Lead

Chris Ciucci, Morning Shelter Lead/Getting Ahead Facilitator

Rich Montour, Intake Shelter Lead

Sylvia Baird, Intake Shelter Lead
Lois Welch, Overnight Shelter Lead

Tara Pratt, Overnight Shelter Lead

Bill Grogan, Overnight Shelter Lead

Our Volunteers

SAM25 is blessed to have MANY wonderful volunteers who help make us work.  Thank you!

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